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ASPM (Phase I) Scheme


To support the property management (PM) sector in anti-epidemic efforts, the Government has established the “Anti-epidemic Support Scheme for Property Management Sector” (ASPM) under the “Anti-epidemic Fund”.

The objective of the ASPM (Phase I) is to provide financial support to frontline property management (PM) workers (i.e. cleansing and security workers) in private residential and composite (i.e. commercial cum residential) buildings, with a view to improving their personal protection and environmental hygiene, and giving recognition to their services. The ASPM will also alleviate the additional costs arising from heightened cleansing efforts and the burden on the residents.


The ASPM (Phase I) will provide the following support for the private residential and composite buildings:

Category Description
Anti-epidemic Hardship Allowance To subsidise eligible PM companies (PMCs)/owners’ organisations (OOs) to give each frontline PM worker a monthly “Anti-epidemic Hardship Allowance” of $1,000 for four months (February to May 2020), subject to a cap of six headcounts per eligible building block.

The cap of a property is the sum of the headcounts of the eligible building blocks therein.
Anti-epidemic Cleansing Subsidy Eligible PMCs/OOs will be given a lump sum “Anti-epidemic Cleansing Subsidy” of $2,000 for every eligible building block.

The total subsidy for a property is the sum of the subsidy for the eligible building blocks therein.


The ASPM (Phase I) is expected to benefit around 33,000 residential and composite building blocks (involving around 800 PMCs and/or 10,000 OOs).

PMSA is being commissioned by the Home Affairs Department to implement the ASPM. Updates will be released on this website. Enquiry hotline at (852) 3696 1156 / 3696 1166.

Introduction to the ASPM (Chinese version only)