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Press Release

Property Management Services Authority
Plans to Submit Subsidiary Legislation for Licensing Regime

The Property Management Services Authority (PMSA) announced today (20 May) that it is working closely on drafting the Property Management Services (Licensing and Related Matters) Regulation (Subsidiary Legislation) and plans to submit the subsidiary legislation to the Legislative Council before the recess this year for negative vetting.

Key points of the subsidiary legislation include:

Seven categories of property management services, including general management services relating to a property, management of the environment of a property, repair, maintenance and improvement of a property, finance and asset management relating to a property, facility management relating to a property, human resources management relating to personnel involved in the management of a property, and legal services relating to the management of a property.

Two types of licensing regime, namely “property management companies licence” (company licence) and “property management practitioners licence” (individual licence). Any property management company providing more than one category of property management services is required to obtain a licence. As to individual practitioners, any individual who assumes a managerial or supervisory role in a property management company and is responsible for all the property management services provided by that property management company is required to obtain a property management practitioner licence.

Three-year transition period, since the commencement date of the licensing regime, during which, property management companies and property management practitioners are not required to be licensed. However, property management companies and property management practitioners engaging in property management without a licence after the transition period will be prosecuted.

Mr Tony TSE, the PMSA Chairperson, said, “Property management involves multi-disciplinary services, and it relates to the well-being of everyone. The PMSA has conducted several rounds of consultations to collect views from different parties for drafting details of the licensing regime. We look forward to the implementation of the licensing regime so that members of general public are able to enjoy better quality property management services.”

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