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Press Release

Property Management Services Authority
Plans to Commence the Licensing Regime by Early Next Year

Property Management Services Authority (PMSA) announced today (12 November 2019) that it plans to submit the subsidiary legislation to the Legislative Council for negative vetting by end of this year. The licensing regime is expected to be implemented by early next year.

Proactive Explanation of the Licensing Regime

PMSA values communications with the industry. Over the past six months, it has arranged a series of stakeholder engagements with over 30 organisations in Hong Kong, and was invited by the professional institutes and industry bodies to attend various conferences and industry events at which presentations about the licensing regime were delivered to different stakeholders. The PMSA has written to the 18 District Councils, attended meetings of the District Councils and their respective committees, as well as conducted briefing sessions so as to collect views from the general public and the industry. Related information on licensing regime has also been published to the PMSA website.

With a view to elaborating context of the draft subsidiary legislation on the licensing regime, the PMSA has also met with various stakeholders, including professional institutes, trade associations, property management companies, owners’ organisations, public organisations, District Councils, as well as tertiary institutions, etc. Views from different parties will be considered carefully during the examination of clauses under the draft regulation. The PMSA will make necessary adjustments deemed appropriate.

PMSA Specified Course

For the PMPs who do not meet the requirements for academic and/or professional qualifications but possess the specified experience, they are required to apply for a provisional licence prior to the expiry of the three-year transition period after the commencement of subsidiary legislation, before they are permitted to continue providing property management services in managerial or supervisory roles.

During the transition period, they should complete the PMSA Specified Course before the expiry of their provisional licence in order to apply for the formal PMP licence with exemption of the licensing criteria on academic and/or professional qualifications. The PMSA will collaborate with various education institutions to launch the Specified Course that will be available within six months after the commencement of the subsidiary legislation. Details of the Specified Course will be available by early next year.

Compiling the List of Recognised Professional Bodies (RPB)

In the proposed criteria for PMP (Tier 1) licence, applicants must be a member of a professional body recognised by the PMSA (RPB). To tie in the implementation of the licensing regime, PMSA is considering the five aspects of becoming a RPB, including (i) the relevance to property management in Hong Kong; (ii) membership criteria; (iii) mechanism to regulate professional conduct; (iv) requirements on continuing professional development (CPD) of members; as well as (v) recognition in the industry. The list is planned to be released by end of this year.

Mr Tony TSE, the PMSA Chairperson, said, “We have collected various views on the licensing regime during our consultation with the industry. With an open-mind, the PMSA will consider all practical suggestions for optimising the licensing regime, so as to achieve a major milestone in the industry towards professionalism.”

About the Property Management Services Authority

The PMSA is a statutory body established in accordance with the Property Management Services Ordinance (Cap. 626) and is tasked to regulate the provision of property management services by companies and practitioners in Hong Kong, and to promote professional development of the industry. Through formulating and implementing a licensing regulatory regime and other complementary measures that suit the situation in Hong Kong, the PMSA aims to encourage and assist the property management industry and its practitioners in striving for enhancement in quality and professionalism.

Ends/Tuesday, 12 November 2019
Issued at HKT 18:00